Postbellum (Vegetarian and Vegan Review)

Taste: 7.5/10

Service: 7/10

Options: A great selection of vegetarian and vegan food items

I’ve been to Postbellum a few times with pretty good results.  The ambiance is hip, the food is fantastic, and it is a very spacious restaurant.  It also has a rooftop bar, which is always an added bonus.  The service has been a hit or a miss but when it’s a hit, it is on point.

The menu at Postbellum is pretty interesting with great flavor combinations. It’s very different from many other places that I have been to in Richmond.  I was so excited when I saw they had an alternative option for ‘wings’ for vegetarian and vegans.


Instead of tofu, they use corn on the cobs and call it ‘Street Corn.”  The sauce I got on my street corn was the (vegan) “Bajan Pepper.”  I also got a side of the (vegetarian) “Buffalo” sauce which is a Ghost Pepper BBQ sauce.  No, I’m not crazy; the sauce fantastic with a nice amount of spice.  The corn was a good way to get the flavors in but I wasn’t a fan of eating corn on the cob at the dinner table so the next time I ordered it, I got it on the side for my fries.


The fries I ordered were the ‘Salt and Pepper Frites” with the (vegetarian) “Garlic Aioli,” (the vegan) “Rosemary Ketchup” and a side of that Ghost Pepper BBQ sauce that I requested. They were delicious and very flavorful.  I could eat them all day with those sauces. The combinations of the flavors were so tasty and unique.  I will try all of the sauces the next time I go there.

Out of the appetizers, I got the (vegetarian) “Yankee Fried Green Tomatoes” which also include corn piccadilly and honey scallion whipped cream.Image It was good appetizer to start with and went well with my Ghost Pepper sauce.  I couldn’t taste the honey and scallion that much in the whipped cream but there were hints of it.  The tomato was nicely fried with a good breading around it but I wasn’t a fan of the whipped cream that went with it. It was overall a good dish, but I probably would get something different next time.

One of the dishes I got was on their ‘late night bar menu’ which is different from their regular one.  I got the (vegetarian) “BBQ Tofu Burger” which had tofu, cabot cheddar, corn, and spices.  It came with a small side salad with a nice vinaigrette. The burger was very cohesive and tasted pretty good.  The combination of the ingredients was perfect, especially with the leftover sauces from my fries.  I was also surprised to see that I liked the fake meat on it.

ImageI usually am not a fan of tofu or fake meat, but this was nice and went with the burger very well.  I would definitely recommend it to anyone.  Another dish I have gotten has been the (vegan) “Brussel Sprout Salad” which contains romaine lettuce, brussel sprouts, crispy potatoes, rosemary nuts, and vegan blue cheese dressing.


I thought it was a good dish but not as flavorful as the others. The dressing was good, and kind of reminded me of the Ellewood Thompson’s Vegan Ranch dressing, which I like. I’m not sure if I liked the potatoes in my salad but they were a unique addition.

I would probably opt of this dish next time and get the (vegan) “Tofu Banh Mi” which I’m sad to say I don’t have a picture of. However, this dish is fantastic.  It comes on a sub roll with cilantro, pickled radish, cucumber, and aioli. It is absolutely delicious! The pickled radishes compliment the tofu and bread so well, and the aioli is a fantastic addition to it.  Make sure to ask for their “House Hot Sauce” which is like a salsa verde but insanely better, with this dish (and any others you may get).  Either way, this dish is very flavorful and the ingredients and perfect together.

If you haven’t been to Postbellum yet, GO. It is very good, great for all ages, and a fun place to be. I will be returning here often.


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