Belmont Food Shop – Vegetarian Review

Taste: 6.5/10

Service: 8/10

Options:  Minimal options for vegetarians and vegans but the chef is accommodating

I went to Belmont Food Shop on a Thursday night with a friend who isn’t vegetarian.  It’s kind of hidden and extremely small, so it’s easy to miss.  You really need to make reservations before going there unless you’re sitting at the bar.  I got their prix-fix menu which was a fairly good price and included a starter, an entrée, and dessert. Image

I was told that the menu changes often but I first started out with the “Chestnut Soup.” It was pretty tasty and reminded me of a light Indian dessert my mom makes.  I loved the flavors and the uniqueness of the soup.  It was slightly sweet but the nuttiness and spices made it a perfect combination.  I would definitely recommend getting this dish if you go; there aren’t too many places that offer this kind of uniqueness in a soup.

The vegetarian entrée that the chef had that night was the “Vegetarian Risotto.”  It wasn’t on the actual menu but I was told that this was the vegetarian dish of the night.  It was a nice sized portion with greens and mushrooms.  I know risotto isn’t supposed to be known for flavor, but I have definitely had flavorful risotto in the past.   This particular one wasn’t the best I have ever had but it wasn’t bad.  I do wish it had more flavor.  ImageThe greens and mushrooms could have been very flavorful but were rather bland.  It had a lot of potential to be very flavorful.

The final piece of the meal was the “Chocolate Tart” which I sadly don’t have a picture of.  The inside of the tart had great flavors but the crust wasn’t exactly the best.   The crust was on the grainy side and was had a strange texture.  However, the chocolate on the inside was delicious and was the perfect ending to my meal.

My friend who went with me was not a vegetarian and said it was one of the best means she ever had. While Belmont Food Shop was just ok for me, I may give it a second chance in the future.


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