Taste – 7/10

Service – 7/10

Vegetarian and Vegan Options: Limited


I’ve been to Water Coastal Kitchen quite a few times now.  I’m going to be reviewing their dinner entrees today. This restaurant is really nice inside and has a great amount of space.  You would have never guessed from the outside that it looks so neat inside. They also have a wonderful outdoor patio that I can definitely see myself going to in the summer.


ImageFor a starter I got the Fried Green Tomatoes (vegetarian) with pimento cheese and ancho sauce.  I’m picky when it comes tofriend green tomatoes but I must say, this was a great combination.  The pimento cheese and ancho sauce blended perfectlytogether with the tomatoes.  The tomatoes itself had a great crunch to them and were well complimented by them. The dish was balanced perfectly; it is definitely recommended.


The first time I went to WCK for dinner, I ordered the Vegetarian Trio with mascarpone polenta cake, cremini mushrooms, fried green tomato, arugula-corn salad, and parmesean roasted asparagus.  The dish looked beautiful and the portion was perfect for me. The polenta cake was cooked very well and went with the vegetables nicely.  It could have used some more flavoring; it wasn’tbland by any means but the vegetables could have used a lot more seasoning.

ImageThe more recent time I went, I ordered their special Quinoa Bowl (vegan).  The waiter said that they have this item often as theirvegetarian/vegan special and are most likely going to keep it permanently from now on.  If you go and they have it, make sure to ask for the vegan version if you are vegan.  The dish was pretty small but flavorful.  I had wished a larger size – I finished it pretty quickly.  It contained avocados, tomatoes, corn, and kale.  It was a tad bit on the salty side but it was a very healthy and clean dish.


Overall, I would definitely go back to the Water Coastal Kitchen. From what my waiter was saying, they seem to be coming up with more options for vegetarians and vegans so I’m excited to see what they have for me next time.


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