Taste: 8/10

Options: A few for vegetarians or vegans

Service: N/A since it was delivery

Bigs BBQ is a new(ish) restaurant in the VCU area.  On two lazy Sundays in a row, I got Bigs BBQ delivered at home.  I was so intrigued by Bigs because they are the first BBQ restaurant I have ever heard of with a BBQ option for vegetarians!

I ordered their “Seitan Faux Pulled Pork Sandwich.”  Even though their menu says ‘vegetarian,’ I asked if the dish included dairy or eggs.  The individual on the other end of the phone said it did not, so I assume it’s also vegan!  Although, I would double check with them next time to see if also contains butter.  The side of “Hushpuppies” I ordered, however, was vegetarian since it contained eggs.


The sandwich was very good and filling!  I was pleasantly surprised as to how good it tasted because I’m a hard one to please when it comes to fake meat.  The seitan wasn’t chewy or hard.  The texture was just right and the sauce it came with was slightly sweet but flavorful.  The dish also came with extra sauce on the side that I didn’t use on the sandwich since it was perfect already.  The hushpuppies were nicely cooked with a crunchy on the outside.   Instead of ketchup, I ended up using the extra sauce for dipping the hushpuppies.  I was very much full after I finished my meal and felt fantastic.

The faux meat that they use for the sandwich is a special recipe that is made at the restaurant.  It is wonderful that they didn’t just use some seitan strips from the store and that a lot of thought went into making this dish special for vegetarians.  I don’t know of any other BBQ restaurant that would put that much effort to pleasing the vegetarian crowd!  I applaud them for going out of their way and being so considerate.  This is not the last time I will be ordering from Bigs BBQ; they have a great thing going!   I would definitely recommend eating here – get ready for your taste buds to tingle!


2 thoughts on “Bigs BBQ (Vegetarian and Vegan review)

  1. This is the first time i have read about a veg BBQ restaurant. I would definitely give it a try this weekend.

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