Taste: 9/10

Service: 8/10

Options: Limited for Vegetarians and Vegans

Saison is small restaurant that is at 23rd W. Marshall Street with parking across the road. I would have never guessed that this wonderful restaurant would be here, because it can be easily missed.

I started out with the “Stockholm Syndrome” which is a drink with Jamaican Rum, Swedish Punsch, Cocchi Americano, and Carmaro.  This smooth drink was the perfect sipping beverage for my meal. The rum was nice and strong but wasn’t overly powerful for me, as it usually is.

The only vegetarian and vegan meal available here is the “Saison Bibimbap” which includes picked mushrooms, collard kimchi (cabagge), benne (sesame seeds), peas, seasonal pickles, jalapeño salsa verde, and rice.  Vegetarians can add an optional egg, which is showed in the picture.

bibiA Bibimbap is a popular Korean dish where many ingredients can be used to make a tasty mixed bowl of food. This dish was so delicious and the flavors were amazing together.  The sauce used with was not like regular soy sauce, as it was far more smoky and flavorful.  The sauce mixed with the vegetables, and especially the mushrooms, went very well together and left me wanting another bowl.  I was surprised to see the rice on the bottom being crunchy at first but it worked out so well with the whole dish and I would only prefer to eat it this way.  This is probably one of my most favorite dishes I’ve ever tried in RVA

For my dessert, I tried the “Salted Chocolate Bar” which came with coconut ice cream and spicy strawberry sauce.  candybarThe ice cream and strawberry sauce were nice and refreshing but I wasn’t a fan of the chocolate bar itself.  It reminded me of a chocolate granola bar, and not like a normal dessert.  I would opt out of this dessert and get something different next time.

Overall, I absolutely loved going to Saison and will come back here many more times.  The chefs and bartenders were all amazing and I would absolutely recommend this restaurant to everyone!


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