Taste: 6.5/10

Service: 7/10

Options: Limited options for Vegetarians and especially Vegans

So it’s been a while since I have done a review! My apologies. Today, I plan on reviewing The Roosevelt, an extremely popular restaurant in Church Hill. This restaurant has gotten some of the best reviews in Richmond, VA but it fell short to my expectations. The first drink I got there was “The Seersucker” with Maker’s Mark bourbon, house-made sweet tea syrup, angostura bitters, and a charred lemon cube. Roosevelt_QIt was smaller than I expected for $9 but I was ok with that. It was easy to drink but kind of pretty plain and boring. I wanted something more exciting so I ordered their most popular drink (pictured) “Quoit Club Punch” with Jamaican rum, American brandy, rainwater madeira, lemon and sugar. I was more disappointed in this than the previous drink – it tasted like rotten over-sweet cherries.  It was overly sweet and strange to my taste buds. I gave up on my drink choices after that due to disappointment and the hefty charged prices.

For the appetizer, I got their “Pimento Cheese with House made Potato Chips.” Roosevelt_CThe chips were nice and perfectly crispy and toasted but the cheese was pretty bland. I’m a big pimento cheese fan but this cheese was lacking a lot of flavor. I kept on trying to eat more and more to figure out whether I was missing something but I wasn’t. It just wasn’t that flavorful and bland, like my first drink. For dinner, I got their “Risotto with Asparagus, and Shitake Mushrooms.”Does this dish look small in the picture? Like it’s in a soup bowl? Well it definitely was small and expensive. Roosevelt_R I expected it to blow me away but it did not. It, again, was quite bland and flavorless. It wasn’t anything exciting and I ate it in less than 10 bites, leaving me still somewhat hungry. I wish the dish had more reasoning and protein. It had a good amount of veggies but with little seasoning, it’s hard for some cooked vegetables with risotto to be flavorful.

For dessert, I got their “Coca-Cola Cake” with chocolate frosting and coca-cola mix in the actual batter. It wasn’t moist at all and tasted like a regular chocolate cake you would get anywhere else. The frosting was ok and nothing special but it wasn’t an interesting dish at all. I love a good moist cake with great flavor, so this wasn’t meeting my preferences.

Overall, I was disappointed in my experience at “The Roosevelt.” I guess the reason it’s getting so much buzz is over their meat entrees. Roosevelt_Cake I’m sure their meat entrees are fantastic for meat eaters, but how about the vegetarian and vegan crowd? Don’t forget about us, we still love flavorful and exciting food and expect to like our food when meals cost so much. Maybe I’ll come back to “The Roosevelt” another time and get something else as I have seen their menu recently changed. I really want to give this place another try and hopefully will have a better review in the future.


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