Taste: 9/10

Service: 8/10

Options: Limited for vegetarians but none for vegans. However, the chef may be able to whip up something.

I went to Magpie with a friend of mine for brunch last month.  It’s near the VCU area at 1301 W. Leigh Street.  The interior is cozy and unique with big red lounge seating against the wall. 

 There was only one vegetarian dish for brunch but it was spectacular.  We both ordered the Magpie Scramble with eggs, oyster mushrooms, manchego cheese, caramelized onions, and fried French bread.    Don’t let the look of this dish fool you.  magpie_picEven though it looks small, it was extremely filling.  It was bursting with so many flavors and I couldn’t stop eating it.  I normally don’t like caramelized onions but I really enjoyed it in this meal as it was a big highlight.  It gave out a subtle sweet flavor that mixed with the eggs very nicely.   The fried French bread was out of this world.  It was perfectly cut and crisped with a wonderful buttery taste.  I was savoring every single bite. 

Overall, I would definitely recommend Magpie’s vegetarian dish for a brunch.  It’s unique and delicious!  Their dinner menu didn’t look vegetarian/vegan friendly but I hope that can change soon. 


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