My name is Sue and I’ve been a vegetarian all of my life.  I was born and raised in South India, where most people are vegetarian.   My mother makes amazing Indian cuisine so I have been accustomed to many spices and flavors.  This has allowed my palate to be quite picky when choosing food at restaurants.  I love food with tons of flavor that leave my taste buds tingling.

Many times when vegetarians ask for a dish, people don’t understand that we don’t just eat vegetables.  We still have taste buds, we still crave a ton of flavor, and we still want to be respected as people with strong palates.  It’s not just about throwing vegetables in a pot and putting some salt and pepper on them.  It’s not about putting a salad together and topping it with tons of dressing.  It’s about the person ordering the food and respecting their tastes just as equally as if they weren’t vegetarian.

Richmond, VA (RVA) has a great vegetarian (V) and vegan (VG) selection for restaurants.  However, there are still many places in the area that are pretty limited when it comes to V and VG food.  There are also many restaurants in Richmond that meat eaters say are amazing, but that doesn’t mean it’s the same for a vegetarian or vegan.  My goal is to seek the V and VG items in different RVA restaurants and critique them based on taste and selection.  I’m so excited to take you on my RVA culinary travels and hope to help vegetarians and vegans seek the best food in town!


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